Meet Up Point & Frequently Asked Questions

All tours meet and begin in
City Hall Plaza

Meet Up 10 minutes prior to
​PROMPT departure

Meet in City Hall Plaza between the Staples Connect and the City Hall: there's a statue of a basketball player (Bill Russell) your guide will be standing in front of

1 Washington Mall Boston, MA 02108

If Standing In Front Of Faneuil Hall

Face City Hall Plaza, cross the street, go up the stairs keeping City Hall on your right, turning left at the top of the stairs.

If Exiting Government Center T-Stop

Walk towards Faneuil Hall keeping City Hall to your left.  DO NOT go down steps.  Statue on right.
  • From Faneuil Hall look in the same direction as the Sam Adam’s statue, cross Congress St.  & we’re at the top of the stairs to left.
  • From Govt. Center (Green Line) Subway exit face City Hall (concrete building) and walk to the right.  To the right of picnic tables.
  • From State Street (Blue & Orange Lines) Subway exit at the bottom of Old State House the entrance to City Hall Plaza is visible just across Court Street.  A Staples is visible and the Wax Museum is directly next door to the Staples. 


Traffic can be unpredictable and occasionally quite bad in Boston.  If you’re arriving in from outside the city, it is recommended to build in a buffer. 
Parking can be expensive as well, averaging $40 – $45 per day.

PI ALLEY PARKING GARAGE is closest to the start and most convenient.  

GOVERNMENT CENTER GARAGE is also close and has $17.00 weekend rates.

For the best deals and all locations BEST PARKING is a “smart” website that provides geolocation and real time pricing. 


How far / long is the tour?

BE PREPARED TO WALK!  The tour covers 3.5 (mostly flat) miles.  Crowds, traffic, and pacing vary from group to group but we usually finish in about 3:45 minutes inclusive of a 15 minute break at the midpoint.  A buffer between any subsequent plans is highly recommended. 

Is this tour appropriate for children?

The tour is targeted for adults and too sophisticated for young children.  There’s no costume or dress up!  I don’t simplify or soften the material but every child is different and every parent knows theirs best.  Enthusiasm of any age is welcome!  As a soft rule of thumb if the child doesn’t have any exposure to American history it will be over their head or too long.  I DO think the Boston Tea Party ships provide a terrific, family oriented, and compact experience.  ​

Is this tour appropriate for non-Americans?

​This tour covers the heritage and folklore familiar to every American, but it is arranged so even people new to the story can follow the action. I don’t take sides and try to capture the outsiders perspective. Fluency in English is the only requirement.

What do we do in case of bad weather?

Weather in Boston is notoriously difficult to predict. Refunds are provided with 72 hours advanced notice and I try to give updates ahead of time so you can manage plans accordingly. Light rain or regular chill we will proceed. High winds, freezing cold, or heavy rain can result in a cancellation, in which case a full refund is provided.​

Where do we end?

The tour ends at Christopher Columbus Park – in between Quincy Market (souvenirs), the North End (restaurants), and the Aquarium (subway & ferry)